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Ontario Masters January update


Our sincere condolences to the staff and members of Hardwood Ski and Bike, on the fire which took place in their lodge on Christmas Day. We appreciate the hardships that this has caused them, and wish them the best as they move ahead with plans to re-open. The update as of January 2nd is that the trails will be open starting Saturday, January 6, and the wax room will be available as a warming hut. There will be temporary washrooms on site. I understand that the trails are in great shape!


As you know, we had planned our Ontario Master’s Championships at Hardwood Ski & Bike in 2018. Due to the unfortunate fire, there is now a bit of uncertainty. At this point, it is too early to say much, however, according to race organizer Glenn Meeuisse, and Hardwood General Manager Gareth, they are doing and will do everything in their power to ensure that the event can go ahead as scheduled.

Ontario Master are planned to be held in conjunction with the Fischer Loppet and Nordikids races to allow for families to take part and encourage new members.  With the large network of trails at Hardwood, we plan to change courses each day, being tailored to the technique and distance. You can get more information and registration links here:

Proposed Schedule of races are:
Friday March 2
2:30 pm - 10 km Classic
5:30 pm - Ontario Masters AGM and social
Saturday March 3
9:00 am - 20 km Skate
9:30 am - 20 km Classic
5:30 pm - Ontario Masters Banquet and awards
Sunday March 4
10:00 am - 10 km Skate

Please feel free to contact Glenn Meeuwisse with questions or if interested in helping


Canadian Masters Toques have arrived! These are available to any member of the Ontario Masters organization. They are great toques by Sauce Headwear. Please see attached the design. They have 2 sizes, S/M and M/L. The cost is $30.00 including tax. Please contact Wendy Grater if you would like to purchase one. While supplies last!
Please note: These will also be available for purchase at the MWC in Minneapolis, from National Director, Bruce LeGrow.


The MWC for 2018 is coming soon … January 19 – 26, 2018. You can register and find out information on the website

The link below will take you to a tutorial prepared by John Downing (US Director) to help guide people through the online registration process for MWC 2018.
This link will also allow skiers who competed in MWC in 2016 or 2017 to get your FIS point and WMA number.

We wish good luck and great skiing to the following Ontario Masters who have registered:
Men:                                                                            Women:
Mike Jones                                                                  Susan Fabius
Jim Keyes                                                                    Chris Huet
Joseph Kryger                                                              Sheila Kealey
John Lewis                                                                  Sian Leyshon
John E. Lewis                                                              Sarah Peters
Ivan Mackenzie                                                           Christa Ramonet
Todd Randall                                                               Diane Scocchia
Werner Schwar
Mark Thomas
Richard Thomas
Tim Wehner


The winter 2017-18 loppet series has started with lots of snow and some cold conditions!

There was great participation by Masters skiers in the first event, the Yuletide Blast held Sat Dec 17 at Highlands, with plenty of new snow.  Sixteen Masters men lined up on the start line for a 5.5 Free race , with Richard Thomas skating across the finish line in 1st  position.  Women’s Masters skiers did a 5 km course with 8 masters in a field of 17 women of all ages. The fastest master woman in the class was Jillian Flower.
You can view results on Zone 4.  Just note, the age group adjustment has not been applied to these results for the points series as yet.

Upcoming  2018 Loppet dates  for Jan/mid  Feb (changed dates highlighted)
 Jan 7/18  Midland Loppet
 Jan 13/18 Mono Nordic Invitational
Jan 19-26/18 World Masters/Canadian Championships
Jan 20-21/18  Ontario Cup #2
Jan 27/18  Silver Spoon Classic
Jan 28/18  Opeongo Classic
Jan 28/18  Muskoka Loppet

 Feb 3/18 Tour de Kamview:  Classic
 Feb 4/18 Tour de Kamview: Free
 Feb 11/18  Suntrail special
 Feb 11/18  Tay Valley Classic
Feb 16-17/18 Gatineau Loppet

See attached a revised  Ontario Masters Loppet Series reflecting these date changes, and all the races, in both Word and spreadsheet format.

Have fun, and plan your upcoming ski events for 2018. See you at the races!


Hi Everyone
So far it has been a great ski season with lots of snow.  Hope you are getting on the trails preparing for the upcoming race season.

We currently have 85 registered members as listed below.  If you have not already joined, please register at or fill in the attached registration form and send to the address indicated on the form, with your payment.

Here are our current members to date:

Alan Butler                 Mike Campbell            Marcel Crete               Ed DeLaplante            Deb de Pass
Bryan Dubeau             Susan Fabius               Michael Gordon          Michelle Gordon         Wendy Grater
Bob Heyes                  Peter Hoffman              Chris Huet                   Mike Huet                   Dale Irwin      
Paul Kadziora             Beau Kent                   Linda Kirkey               Perry Kirkey                Joseph Kryger
John Lewis                  Tom Lobsinger            Ivan MacKenzie          Rauno Makinen           Sara McIlraith
George Milne              Mark Orzel                  Hilary Petrus               Kit Pizzey                   Len Pizzey
Becky Puiras               Christa Ramonet         Todd Randall              Peter Remek                Fred Scheel
Ruth Scheel                 Werner Schwar           John Sexton                Norm Spinks               Mark Thomas
Dave Wright               Bruce Alexander         Regan Bolduc             Marcus Boyle              Rob Cheskey
Jennifer Findlay          Dale Foley                   Nianne Foley               Harry Regu                 Ann Marie Rogers
Brian Rogers               Risto Santala               Cobi Sauder                Steve Sauder               Diane Scocchia
Brenda Smith              Richard Thomas          Harry Vanderlugt        Susanne Vanderlugt    Tim Wehner
Woody Woods            Claude Marchand       Bill Gairdner               Ruthann Gairdner       Dan Gallant
Sian Leyshon              Susan Kazmarek         Stan Kazmarek            Karl Mika                    Jana Mika
Brendan Mulroy          Barbara Gray               Les Humphries            Nick Kayna-Forstner  Alan Magi
Glenn Orton                Matt Nelson                Brian Rogers               Ann Marie Rogers       John E. Lewis
Sheila Kealey              Tom Kemp                  Glenn Meeuwisse        Greg Lutick                 Trevor Humphries
Mike Jones

Thanks to all of you who have already registered. For the rest of you … its winter – do it NOW!!  For those who have not registered before the next newsletter, your name will be removed from the newsletter mailing list!


Our Directors and special volunteers for 2017-18.

Director – communication & promotions       Wendy Grater
Director – finance & membership                   Deb de Pass
Volunteer - Loppet PointsSeries                     Maureen Bretz
Volunteer – website/social media                   Glenn Meeuwisse

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